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RegenHealth Stem Cell and Wellness Center in Woodbridge, Virginia  uses healthy stem cells and places them where they are needed to promote healing, mobility, and pain relief.

Their treatments do not require invasive drilling of bone marrow to obtain stem cells. Through injection, they effectively treat sports injuries, neuropathy, and chronic nerve conditions. Their treatments are effective regardless of the origin of pain. They help your body restore itself by harnessing your own healing potential with a variety of techniques to combat areas of disease, injury, or inflammation. This process involves a variety of techniques including a minimally invasive procedure conducted right in their clinic.

Regenerative medicine is the process of replacing, renewing, or engineering human cells, tissues, organs, proteins,  for the purposes of restoring function and homeostasis in the body. One of the key components of regenerative medicine is the use of cell replacement strategies which usually requires stem cells. Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that have the capacity to change into any specific cell type in the body. This means they can change into skin, bone, heart, and muscle cells to name a few. They have the ability to replicate substantially as compared to normal somatic cells such as skin. Stem cells are located throughout our body in almost every organ and tissue such as bone marrow, fat, teeth, muscles, etc.

However, as other cells in our bodies, stem cells also age as we do. For that reason RegenHealth Stem Cell and Wellness Center uses stem cells from an umbilical cord after a healthy baby has been born, which are young and healthy. These cells once deployed to an area of injury/disease can readily change into the cell type that is needed to be replaced.

Moreover, stem cells home to sites of injury by cell signals that attract them to sites of injuries. Once they reach where they need to go, they dock and commence repairing the injury/disease by releasing cytokines, chemokines, and growth factors that aid in host endogenous repair. Stem Cells contain growth factors, proteins, and stem cells that continue to produce additional growth factors and proteins for a period of time. These components have the potential to positively affect the environment inside the joint and to stimulate your own tissue to aid in the regenerative process while also stimulating your native stem cells to aid in regeneration.

Besides, Regenerative medicine physicians are changing the paradigm of medicine. The newest advancements from the umbilical cell and stem cell therapy is directed towards creating a healthy environment in your joint while stimulating your body to assist in the regenerative process. Medicine of the past used drugs to merely mask the symptoms. If you re looking for an effective way to treat your chronic pain or want to learn how Regenerative Medicine may help with neuropathy or chronic joint pain, please book an appointment today.

Patient Testimonials

“When I first began treatment I could not walk for any length of time. Every time I took a step my feet hurt. Every time! Now seven weeks later my family and I took a trip to Dallas and I walked 7 miles and I did not have a problem! I was very, VERY Pleased!”

“I have no more tingling in my hands or feet. My right hand is no longer numb. I can walk better and I notice that my balance is better. I am taking less of my inflammation medicine, and I can now do more activities with my daughter. I have Diabetic Neuropathy. I tried different medications and had really bad side effects. After my first treatment, my pain decreased from an eight to a three! I am very excited about my journey and ready to get my nerves rejuvenated!”

“I have been living with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome for over four years, and after treatments, I can NOW live without pain medications!”


RegenHealth Stem Cell and Wellness Center

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