Orlando Center for Regenerative Medicine

801 N Orange Ave #530, Orlando, FL 32801, USA



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The practitioners at the Orlando Center for Regenerative Medicine  are dedicated to returning patients back to the activities they love most pain free. They are able to use minimally invasive highly effective treatments to get patients back to the quality of life they desire, using recent advancements in regenerative medicine.

They take an individualized approach to your wellness, ensuring that you receive the most effective treatment option for your specific injury or condition. Your successful recovery is #1 priority.

Cutting-edge procedures such as stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma therapy relieve joint pain by regenerating damaged tissue, without the need for surgery or medication. Areas they treat using regenerative medicine include the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle and foot.

Patient Testimonials

“After extensive research on the subject and a consultation with Dr. Anup Patel, I chose to try this therapy. It was a simple painless procedure, done on my lunch hour, and I highly recommend if youre living in constant pain. They truly care about their patients!”

“I received PRP therapy in my hands and now I am back to playing music, making pottery, and playing with my grandkids. Thank you to Dr. Jason Pirozzolo for recommending PRP therapy!”

“3 weeks after receiving my first PRP injection for tennis elbow I noticed a huge improvement in my pain and now I am completely pain free. I would recommend PRP therapy to anyone dealing with joint pain.”


Orlando Center for Regenerative Medicine

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