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Stem cell therapy is evolving at great speed as it can help so many patients. This practice is dedicated to advanced, highly professional procurement and delivery of autologous mesenchymal stem cells. This field is exciting for this group, as well as for many affiliated physicians, and being able to offer such innovative stem cell therapy is a privilege, though it comes with great responsibility. This affiliation, involving over 50 centers worldwide, shares a passion for this work and allows this practice and patients the ability to add consequentially to the scientific knowledge base in clinical stem cell treatments.

They are pleased to be able to utilize our over 90 years of combined experience and expertise in treating patients to help forge progress in this exciting type of medicine, and we are dedicated to safely delivering stem cell therapy to our patients. They have been treating patients in Redding for over a year and seen more than 100 cases come through their office. Though the advancements thus far have been phenomenal, they are on the cusp of even greater life-changing medical innovations.

Indeed, stem cells are precursor cells designed to be stimulated by the body’s future need to regenerate. In essence, these cells are “blank slates” that can become whatever the body needs. We naturally use these cells throughout our lives to replenish damaged areas and to keep ourselves functioning properly. Stem cells are capable of “turning into” tissue of various types when the body sends out biochemical messages that cause these cells to activate. Their role in our health is to aid in the regeneration and regrowth of damaged or aging structures. They serve this function throughout our lives, and also exhibit profound anti-inflammatory properties. You could say they are signaling cells that send signals to the immune system to perform at their optimal level.

Certain parts of the body contain high concentrations of stem cells. Bone marrow contains stem cells, as does the peripheral blood. Human fat (adipose) tissue is loaded with what are called mesenchymal stem cells. These cells possess the capability of creating cells of various tissue types, especially the types that affect connective tissue. For this reason, they are worth their weight in gold for the possibilities that they contain for promising medical treatment options. Researchers and clinicians have been trying to find ways to use a person’s own stem cells to treat diseases for decades. Infusion of one’s own (autologous) stem cells is often used in certain cancer patients to successfully “regrow” bone marrow cells after chemotherapy has been given to destroy the diseased cells.

Moreover, there is a tremendous amount of research actively being conducted, both in the laboratory and clinically, to find other ways for stem cells to alleviate suffering in common, debilitating diseases. For many of these ailments, current therapeutic options are either limited or highly invasive. Their process involves delivering stem cells throughout the body (systemically), as well as locally to the affected organ, when appropriate. This gives the patient the opportunity to use their own cells, now optimally directed, to heal a damaged body part or organ system.

Finally, they aim to have a multi-specialty and inclusive approach to the problems we are treating. We want to augment, not usurp a patient’s choices. To that end, they are affiliating with many different doctors who share this interest in adding stem cell treatments to their medical arsenal. They aim to utilize proficiency in this branch of medicine but utilize the other specialist’s expertise to guide the delivery of the treatments. In many cases, they may ask the surgeons to deliver the cells directly into the affected area themselves after those cells are harvested safely in their office.


Northern California Stem Cell Treatment Center

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