Neo Matrix Medical

290 Clyde Morris Blvd Suite D-1

Ormond Beach, FL 32174

(833) 242-5544


Neo Matrix Medical offers regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy, using state of the art imaging technology for precision deployment of tissue allograft’s.  This clinic provides treatment to patients suffering from many injuries, arthritis, degenerative conditions and other ailments holding people from living a much more functional life.

Neo Matrix Medical has performed tens of thousands of procedures in their clinics across the country over the past 4+ years. At Vitality they specialize in stem cell therapy. Patients are responding very well to pure Wharton’s Jelly MSC’s. Scientific evidence and medical research confirm this finding. This therapy shows positive outcomes for patients with conditions such as neuropathies, a multitude of orthopedic conditions, and auto-immune disorders.

While there are no guarantees in medicine, the current success rate across their clinics nationwide is 94.4%. That is an extremely high success rate which can be attributed to a highly professional, scientific approach.


Neo Matrix Medical

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