Nebraska Orthopaedic & Sports: Maben Robert Edwa MD

575 S 70th St # 310, Lincoln, NE 68510



(402) 488-3322


These physicians have trained among some of the top medicine experts and training facilities in the nation. They place a great deal of value on each and every opportunity we have to assist patients regain the quality of life they deserve.

(Husker Team Physicians), area high schools, and recreational athletes show their motivation to minimize an athlete’s downtime so they can compete to the best of their ability.

They understand that they have the opportunity to make a positive impact in peoples lives everyday. They are dedicated to providing patients with the highest quality of personalized and efficient care. To obtain this goal they have put together a team of energetic, hard working, and caring staff members who look forward to serving you.


Nebraska Orthopaedic & Sports: Maben Robert Edwa MD

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