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National Stem Cell Centers uses regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy, as your body’s resource to promote healing and the repairing of injured and damaged tissue. There can be a lot of questions about regenerative medicine, that people want answered. Instead of synthetic compounds, prescription medications, or surgical procedures,  medical practitioners activate your own natural cellular resources to promote healing.

Indeed, they help patients access this potentially revolutionary form of treatment to harness your body’s natural healing cascade mechanism for the repair of damaged tissues. Adult mesenchymal stem cells are a form of undifferentiated cells. These kinds of stem cells are found in great abundance within fatty tissue. Lying dormant (non-replicating), these remarkably intelligent cells can be activated to become other kinds of cells specific to tendons, muscle, blood vessels, nerves and bone. This means that stem cell therapies can be the key to reducing pain, chronic inflammation, and the mitigation of many degenerative disease states. At National Stem Cell Centers, their affiliated physicians utilize only adult stem cells harvested from your own fat tissue, without any form of artificial cellular manipulation. 

The physicians affiliated with National Stem Cell Centers are not offering or promising stem cell therapy as a cure for any condition, disease, or injury. Stem cells are processed at a registered laboratory facility. This website does not contain any medical advice. All statements and opinions on this website are meant for educational and informational purposes only. Stem cell therapies offered by affiliated physicians utilize a patient’s own autologous stem cells. We are not involved in the use or manufacture of any investigational drugs. We do not claim that any applications, or potential applications are approved or effective. Nor do we make any claims regarding how these procedures work for any listed nor unlisted condition – either intended or implied. All patients are encouraged to investigate and do research in order to make a fully informed decision. In the U.S. and some other countries, National Stem Cell Centers operates as a management services, marketing and consulting entity for physicians, surgeons and medical practices that matches any inquiries on this website with affiliated physicians who offer stem cell treatments. National Stem Cell Centers is not in the business of providing patient care, offering medical services, or rendering medical advice or opinion. All consultative, pre-op, surgical and post-op care is delivered by trained and licensed and qualified physicians/surgeons and their ancillary medical staff in their respective medical practices. These physicians are responsible for all medical/surgical/stem cell procedures and related services performed as well as outcomes and complications, if any.


National Stem Cell Centers

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