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Magnolia Medical helps you not only regain your health, but regain your life with safe, permanent results, using a non-surgical knee pain treatment program. They utilize the best of rehabilitation therapy, pain management, medical services, and chiropractic care to obtain optimum physical health for patients. They do not rely on addictive medication or surgery to help patients get out of pain and regain their lives.

Indeed, the goal of functional medicine is to identify the metabolic and endocrine imbalances that differentiate each patient and then customize a plan of care accordingly. These providers view the body as a whole, rather than as separate systems. Instead of taking up each patient’s collection of diseases or complaints, these providers work to restore the whole patient to his or her natural state, to become balanced and healthy.

Magnolia Medical Center is a pioneer in the rehabilitation and relief of pain using natural, non-surgical means. They offer a wide variety of services that are beneficial for a wide range of people, from those with intermittent symptoms to those with severe, chronic pain.

Magnolia Medical is an integrated, holistic medical clinic in Murfreesboro, TN specializing in physical rehab and functional medicine. This talented team of experienced medical center professionals work together to take a more in-depth look at the underlying problems causing your symptoms. It is through this team effort that they are able to achieve success after success with patients in Murfreesboro .

Their Licensed Massage Therapists work first to identify your trouble areas and then to offer a complete massage that handles your individual needs. The individual patient care provided by our office is what makes us unique. They help you not only regain your health, but regain your life with safe, permanent results. This clinic gets results on a daily basis with patients who previously had been told that surgery or a lifetime on pain medication were their only options.

Knee pain can be debilitating and patients are often told that surgery is their only option. Our office provides non-surgical knee pain relief and helps patients avoid surgery.

Do you suffer from arthritis, joint pain or injury? Get your life back without painful surgery and costly drugs. Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy is the biggest breakthrough in natural healing!


Magnolia Medical Center

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