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They make sure that Stem Cell Therapy for joint and pain relief is affordable and accessible to everyone. Our financing program ensures that anyone in need of treatment can receive it. Their consultation process ensures that our patients are getting the therapy and treatment that is right for their individual needs. Through a thorough consultation with a Registered Nurse, Kansas Regenerative Institute is founded, run and operated by 5 specialists that are top doctors in their field of medicine. As the first free-standing regenerative stem cell clinic of its kind in Wichita, KS, we are proud to offer innovative approaches to pain relief utilizing stem cell therapy.

Besides, Regenerative Medicine is the process of healing your existing cells that have been damaged by aging, disease or trauma, using cell replacement strategies. Regenerative Medicine generally involves the use of stem cell treatment as a minimally-invasive, non-surgical treatment option for patients with a variety of different medical diagnoses. Some of the most innovative uses for stem cell therapy today involve the therapeutic pain treatment of osteoarthritis in the joints and spine. Through advances in research and technology, our stem cell treatments offer non-invasive methods for alleviating pain and inflammation, and getting patients back to the activities they most enjoy. This non-invasive injection therapy is a great alternative for patients with pain that doesn’t currently have a surgical option, or find little to no relief from cortisone shots or physical therapy. Through stem cell therapy, Kansas Regenerative Institute fills that void. At Kansas Regenerative Institute, we use umbilical cord-blood derived mesenchymal stem cells supplied by willing donors who are pre-screened from reputable hospitals, as well as bone marrow stem cells and PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma). The providers at Kansas Regenerative Institute are top doctors and specialty-trained physicians, who have extensive medical training in their fields of practice. Our facility is comprised of neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons and pain management specialists, who have established, successful medical practices that treat patients both medically and surgically.

Indeed, over the last decade, research in regenerative medicine made major strides, and patients began asking for stem cell therapy, a treatment that could help them where other options cannot. Stem cell therapy is just one more avenue for our expert team to include in their medical repertoire of pain relief and patient care. It bridges a gap in care for those patients, who have pain from inflammation due to injury or osteoarthritis, that are not yet candidates for surgery, or who are not interested in surgical options. So, we opened the first stem cell treatment center in the Wichita region. Patient care and education are at the forefront of our Institute. Following a thorough diagnostic exam, we dedicate ourselves to developing the right treatment plan for each, individual patient. Kansas Regenerative Institute believes that it is important to ensure that therapies for pain relief are accessible to all. Since stem cell therapy is not yet covered by insurance, they make the treatment more accessible with competitive pricing and their team is truly unique. Made up of board certified doctors and top experts in their fields who are specifically trained in pain management. Kansas Regenerative Institute is committed to offering patients honest evaluation and innovative approaches to pain relief utilizing stem cell therapy. They are constantly learning and evolving to bring patients the latest science, research and practices in stem cell therapy and pain relief.


Kansas Regenerative Institute

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