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Innovative Pain Management Clinic offers an excellent alternative to traditional medicine.

Neuropathy is the tingling, burning, pain or numbness found in hands and feet that is the result of nerve damage. While traditionally difficult to treat, Innovative Pain Management Clinic offers a non-invasive, breakthrough treatment for neuropathy that offers long-term results for those who have suffered from neuropathy for far too long. Regenerative medicine is a group of biomedical approaches to clinical therapies that involve obtaining concentrated stem cells, platelets, amniotic cells, and other natural growth factors that are then injected to regenerate and heal damaged tissue. Regenerative medicine therapies are performed as outpatient procedures and are a safe and natural way to accelerate the healing process. These therapies can be used to treat acute or chronic pain conditions related to injuries, arthritis, degenerative diseases, and many others. 

Indeed, Innovative Pain Management offers our patients a wide spectrum of treatments. Using specialized equipment, they are able to treat conditions involving the spine as well as nerve related conditions. If interventional type injections are required, they will take the time to carefully describe the procedure as well as what to expect. Their priority is to ensure you feel comfortable, not only with the treatment plan but during the procedure itself. Ultrasound technology has been around for decades, but its use in outpatient settings has been limited until recently. At Innovative Pain Management, they use ultrasound technology to identify and locate soft tissue abnormalities that may be the result of an injury or the source of chronic pain. When administering PRP or stem cell injections, ultrasound is used to help guide the injections and ensures correct placement of the injection to deliver the greatest benefit to the patient and the best patient outcomes.

Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Oriente is an extremely understanding person with me as a patient. He understands my travel needs, time needs and I also like how he discussed the injection process. He always has time to explain things to me. Thank you Dr. Oriente!!!”

“Dr. Oriente is a caring Doctor that answers all questions in a way that we know what he is telling us. He will be highly missed. Thanks for the red carpet treatment! I cannot thank you enough for how kind you have been and how much these procedures have helped!”

“Your entire crew have also been just super! A special thank-you for going above and beyond the find information with the Rhizotomy & the DBS. I also appreciate that you returned my phone calls via yourself and not a nurse! Kudos to you! You truly know your stuff and I’m glad to be one of your patients.”


Innovative Pain Management Clinic

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