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The Dr. Gil Center is one of the best choices you will make for your health. Why? Because Dr. Gil has been helping solve debilitating and chronic pain issues for regular people like you for over 24 years and they want to put that experience to work for you too.

When it comes to chiropractic, there are many things that set the Dr. Gil Center apart from other Cool Springs and Franklin chiropractors. While they do use traditional techniques, they use them in a unique and more effective way. Chiropractic practice is not one size fits all. Each patient has their own unique situation that is different from anyone else. One patient may need spinal decompression while another may need acupuncture. That’s why its vitally important to have a treatment process tailor made for your specific body and needs. This allows for optimal healing while preventing you from undergoing unnecessary and costly treatments that are ineffective for your condition. While other practitioners may give all of their patients a similar program, the Dr. Gil Center will develop a unique plan of action suited just for you. Your plan of action will suit your individual needs, goals, medical condition, and physical state. This allows us to help you get healthier, quicker (while also saving you money on unnecessary solutions in the process). You are one in a million, don’t you deserve an approach that thinks that too?

In addition, this clinic tailors a specific healing program to your body, they want to make sure you explore all possible avenues for healing at home. For that reason they aim to educate you not only about their treatment options, but about other natural solutions as well. For example, at the clinic, they will go over with you exercises that both increase weight loss and specifically strengthen the muscles surround the spine. By maintaining a proper weight and strengthening your muscles, you are able to keep excess pressure off of the spine while allowing those muscles to carry larger loads without risking more injury to your back. They also advocate healthy diet choices so that you can continue to live at a weight proper for your height and help you employ proper sleeping and sitting techniques that will help you not only heal faster but keep the natural curve of your spine longer. By showing you how to make positive lifestyle changes, they are able to empower you to maintain the recovery you will experience in our chiropractic clinic for the rest of your life.

Moreover, they employ several advanced technologies that help the Dr. Gil Center achieve higher levels of success. They specialize in spinal decompression therapy, which is key for treating pinched nerves, neck pain, lower back pain, and many other types of chronic pain. They offer class 4 laser therapy for patients who have not yet found relief with other procedures and we counsel patients through injury recovery with our MedX rehabilitation process. They also offer a variety of other procedures, including the tradition spinal manipulation method.

Nowadays finding a proper chiropractor in Franklin or Cool Springs does not have to be difficult. The Dr. Gil Center understands the changing health system and the needs you have as a result. They also keep staff up to date on the most current technologies and approaches to holistic healthcare. This allows them to offer patients the most effective chiropractic care. They hope that exploring this website will be helpful as you become educated about your spine and the hope they can offer. Improve your quality of life. Allow their doctors and staff to assist you in ultimate pain recovery.

Patient Testimonials

“I love going to Dr. Gil Center for Back, Neck, and Chronic Pain Relief!! Everyone in the office is like family to me as I have been a patient for 21 years. Dr. Gil and his staff have been treating me for 21 years for neck and lower back pain I suffered from injuries I sustained from several auto accidents in my 20’s and 30’s. They have helped my spinal vertebrae retain alignment during 3 pregnancies! I recently experienced disc deterioration in my neck and lower back and I had so much pain and was bed ridden and fearful of losing my…”

“For approximately twenty years, I have had severe pain in my neck. Driving a car, using a computer, sleeping, reading and even watching T.V. was a big problem. The things ordinary people take for granted, I couldn’t do…After Dr. Gil’s care, I can now use my neck in ways that I haven’t used it in years and years. The treatments were painless and gave almost instant relief. The staff was very friendly and professional. All appointments were prompt. The doctor certainly understood the bone structure and adopted the procedures to make improvements in the treatment. The professionalism of Dr. Gil and his staff made this a very good experience and the pain relief in my neck made this a very successful procedure. So, thank you, Dr. Gil and staff.”

“I am a 47 year old male, who, approximately 4 years ago was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease at the L4/L5 in my lower back. I went to a neurologist and a top orthopedist and the only answer I was given was to undergo either a disc replacement or back fusion surgery…Before working with Dr. Kentof, the pain in my back and legs was sometimes almost unbearable. The bottoms of my feet stayed numb and my toes would tingle almost all the time. I started on the DRX-9000 the beginning of August and after the seventh session, I have been over 95% pain and symptom free. It is truly amazing! I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Dr. Kentof and his wonderful staff for helping make a complete change in the way my body feels.”

“When I came in to the clinic I was in tremendous pain and could barely stand up or sit up straight. I started using the DRX treatment by the 2nd or 3rd treatment I felt so much better. Virtually all my pain is now gone. I would recommend the treatment to anyone.”

“Dear Dr. Kentof, I have included a picture of the patio and fire pit that I completed last week. I can’t believe that I’m doing the normal things in life again. I am 62 and have had bad back and neck pain for the last three years. I haven’t been able to enjoy my retirement and my hobbies of fly-fishing and flower gardening. I have been to several orthopedic and neurosurgeons with no improvement. In three months of your treatments and program, I felt so good that I did this project. I laid 4 tons of flagstone (approx. 40 lbs. each) and 1 ton of sand. Again thanks for giving me a new quality of life.”

“When I came in I was healing from a burst fracture of the L4 vertebrae. There was considerable pain and limited mobility. Now that I have been on the DRX 9000 for several weeks the pain is diminishing and I have improved mobility. I am getting better every day. Thanks to everyone at Dr. Gil’s office I am beginning to live a better than normal life.”

“I came in with constant lower back pain. The daily pain caused me to greatly reduce my activities ie hiking, bowling, basketball… After starting the DRX I had a great reduction in the pain in just a couple of days. I did not have to roll out of bed in the morning anymore. The continued therapy has helped me to be able to return to some of the activities I did before. I have two bad discs in my neck and back but I’m able to function normally with little to no pain.”

“After moving some very heavy furniture & an old treadmill I woke up the next morning in severe pain. My neck was very stiff, my neck and back and right arm had great pain. My arm was basically paralyzed – unable to hold a pen to write. After being on the decompression machine, along with adjustments, the neck & back discs were more relaxed and in place. I saw improvement almost every visit. My right arm has regained most of the strength back in about a four week period. I am a believer that the traction treatment along with adjustments definitely helped to get me back to normal. I am very grateful to the treatments and God given abilities of the doctors to get me going again.”


Dr. Gil Center for Back, Neck, and Chronic Pain Relief

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