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Bozeman Sport, Spine & Regenerative Medicine offers an excellent alternative to traditional medicine.

Besides, staying active isn’t always easy, especially as you age. From muscle strains and pains to the kind of joint discomfort that often comes with getting older and pushing past your limits, sometimes, it seems like your body just doesn’t want to cooperate. For some people, a few injuries can be an excuse to resort to a sedentary lifestyle, but for others, recovery is a goal. At Bozeman Sport Spine and Regenerative Medicine, you can get the specialized care you need to stay healthy, happy, and active. At their clinic you will always see the Physician. With help from Dr. Bradley Aylor, PT., MD, you can resolve painful problems, enhance your quality of life and return to that active lifestyle. 

Indeed, they utilize the full spectrum of non surgical options including biologics such as stem cell and PRP treatment. With their focus on personalized care, your goals are their goals. They will always go the extra mile to appropriately diagnose issues, discuss long-term impact, and devise treatments that address overall problems, not just surface-level complaints. Using regenerative medicine, Bozeman Sport and Spine is able to offer comprehensive care for injuries, strains, sprains, and pain, providing dedicated assistance for those in need. With a wide range of therapies that go beyond standard care, you can feel better than ever with help from our dedicated team.

Besides,rather than using medication to control swelling and inflammation, they prefer a more hands-on approach to facilitate faster healing and wellness. Medical issues can be extremely stressful, especially when you aren’t sure whats going on or how you can move forward. With the Bozeman Sport and Spine team, you’ll receive a personalized take on evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of complex spinal injuries and other neck, back, muscle, and joint complaints. With a unique multi-dimensional approach to musculoskeletal complications, Dr. Aylor and his associates are here to help you feel your very best.


Bozeman Sport, Spine & Regenerative Medicine

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