Blue Horizon International

Duklianskych Hrdinov 34

901 01 Malacky – Slovakia

(+421) 34 282 9904



Blue Horizon International, Slovakia offers patients an opportunity to take part in ground breaking stem cell research and therapy. Patients are able to choose between allogenic umbilical, autologous adipose or bone marrow stem cells.

BHI only utilizes stem cells from either your own body or umbilical cord donors whom have proceeded through a multiple step testing process that ensures stem cell patient safety. Since Blue Horizon is a tissue bank and research center, we are able to provide the most progressive stem cell transplants at a very reasonable rate with experienced physicians on staff.

The use of stem cell therapy in testing the potential effectiveness for the treatment of many diseases has the potential to help thousands of patients. Stem cells are unique in the fact that they are able to differentiate to specialized cells when directed to different areas of the body.

Stem cells, whether from bone marrow or an umbilical cord, have the ability to develop into a brain cell, a liver cell, a bone cell, et cetera. This and the fact that umbilical cord cells are less likely to induce immunological reactions make them perfect for donation and future growth in vivo, or in the body.


Blue Horizon International

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