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Baja Stem Cells is an option for anyone seeking safe, affordable stem cell therapy. The bone marrow stem cell is the most studied of the stem cells, since it was first discovered in the 1960’s. The placenta and the umbilical cord tissue provide a safe and non-controversial alternative to other stem cells.

This is a group of highly experienced medical professionals who offer advanced stem cell treatments and therapies in Baja California, Mexico, less than one hour from San Diego International airport. Their treatments are regulated by COFEPRIS (The Mexican equivalent of the FDA)

Please contact them to see if you are a suitable candidate. Given their unique regenerative abilities, stem cells offer new potentials for treating numerous diseases. Many medical researchers believe that stem cell treatments have the potential to change the face of human disease and alleviate suffering. The ability of stem cells to self-renew and give rise to subsequent generations with variable degrees of capacities, offers significant potential for generation of tissues that can potentially replace diseased and damaged areas in the body, with minimal risk of rejection and side effects.

Indeed, this world class team of doctors includes true pioneers in stem cell treatments, with immense experience in the field and with access to the latest techniques and knowledge base in the field of stem cell treatments and therapies. They have successfully performed stem cell procedures over the years.

Their patients are able to choose between bone marrow stem cells, placental, or umbilical cells. Their patients benefit from programs of treatments tailored to personal medical needs be they auto-immune , injury, or simply an interest in maintaining the healthy vitality of a younger body.


Baja Stem Cells

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