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Atlas Medical Centers specializes in regenerative medicine for treating neuropathy, chronic joint, and spine pain. They offer a variety of non-invasive, conservative treatments for treating pain and improving mobility. The treatments we offer enhance the body’s own healing ability by combining time tested treatment options with state of the art technology.

Their ability to offer the best in medical and proven alternative treatments in one location means that our patients have more options. Their integrated, multidisciplinary, team approach to healthcare allows us to develop a more thorough treatment plan that makes sense for you.

Indeed, for several years now, physicians have been using Stem Cell Therapy to treat joint pain. Stem cell therapy is a revolutionary regenerative therapy treatment that uses YOUR own cells to help repair damaged or degenerative cells in the joints to encourage healing. At Atlas Medical Center, their JointRenew Program uses Stem Cell Therapy in addition to other advanced regenerative therapies to help patients find relief from pain due to chronic joint, spine and soft tissue injuries.

The Atlas Medical Center is a physical medicine facility specializing in neuropathy, joint and spine conditions. They offer an array of services not typically found in most healthcare or medical office settings. This medical team uses a comprehensive approach to healthcare, allowing them to develop a more thorough treatment plan that makes sense for you.

Patient Testimonials

“It’s been 40 days since I had a regenerative cell injection. There have been positive, noticeable changes. My knees feel stronger, especially with going up and down stairs. Don’t know how to describe it other than they feel stronger and more solid. It is amazing! Very excited to be getting my knees back!”

“I had a regenerative cell injection on my right knee about a month ago. It was my last step before a replacement. Now my knee is much-much better. I have little to no pain!”


Atlas Medical Center

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