Quick Summary of Findings: Cellspan esophageal implants are a promising alternative to standard surgery for esophageal cancer. Normally the stomach or intestine is used to make a mock esophagus; however, using implants eliminates the need for that procedure. This promising outcome also holds true for tracheal and bronchial implants. Using implants reduces the need to tamper with other organs which can lead to reduced hospitalizations leading to reduced costs and improved mortality rates.

Summary for a possible patient: Cellspan esophageal implants may be a safer alternative to standard surgery procedures for those at a high risk for surgery complications or simply unfit for surgery.




Quick Summary of Findings: A promising benefit of bioprinted tissues is that they simplify the process of isolating and observing a disease phenotype. Unlike cells derived directly from a patient, bioprinted tissues will continue to replicate a disease phenotype allowing more samples to be studied. An intended outcome of bioprinting is the ability to create more efficacious prescription medications. 

Summary for a possible patient: Organovo’s NovoGen Bioprinter has been able to create tissues such as a healthy liver, skin, intestine, skeletal muscle, eyes and even kidneys. Bioprinting may prove to be a viable alternative for organ donations. The bioprinter has also been successful at using stem cells to create kidney organoids that are functionally equivalent to manually created kidney organoids.



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