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Daniel Southern, M.D. is a Regenerative Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Physician Specialist dedicated to helping people minimize or eliminate acute and chronic discomfort and pain and improve mobility and function through non-surgical injections of their own adult stem cells, platelet rich plasma (PRP), and alpha-2-macroglobulin (A2M). Besides, Dr. Southern can provide help for sprains, strains, and inflammation that compromise athletic performance as well as an alternative for patients considering invasive surgery or joint replacement who hope to avoid the painful rehabilitation and long recovery period with restricted activity that comes with invasive surgery.

Indeed, Regenerative Orthopedic Medicine changes the way we approach orthopedic injuries and problems. Regenerative Orthopedics employs the patient’s own human growth factors and adult stem cells to mobilize the human body’s repair mechanism and heal degenerated or damaged tissue. Regenerative Orthopedics consists of non-surgical injections.

Moreover, Dr. Southern completed Fellowship training in Spine and Sports Medicine at the Hospital for Special Surgery. As a Regenerative Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Physician as well as an avid athlete and former professional dancer, he has a keen sense of the physical demands and effects that pain compromised movement can have on sports performance as well as every day mobility and daily lifestyles. Regenerative Orthopedic & Sports Medicine is located in Fairfield County, Connecticut.


Daniel Southern, M.D., OrthoConnecticut I Danbury OrthoConnecticut

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