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Kentucky Neurology and Rehab is proud to serve the Bluegrass area including Lexington and surrounding cities and counties. At Kentucky Neurology and Rehab, they are dedicated to providing their patients with only the highest level of care. Their practice focuses on providing thorough, compassionate, and patient-focused care. They offer a variety of alternative treatment options to get you back to living life how you want, as quickly as possible.

Patient Testimonials

“So far I have had a very positive experience here. It is hard for me personally whenever I move and have to start the search over for a new doctor. Dr. Landfield was very compassionate. He could see it was stressful for me and made sure to answer any questions I had and helped ease my anxiety. The staff there are very personable and don’t make you feel like you are just another appointment ready to be crossed off. I would highly recommend.”

“I have been going to Dr. Landfield for a few years now and he is by far the most professional and best neurologist I have seen. I fully trust him when we discuss different migraine solutions and I have had great results. His staff has always been very friendly. I have referred my mother in law to him for her fibromyalgia and RA and she has had a great experience also!”

“I highly recommend him!!

“Dr. Landfield is very knowledgeable when it comes to the treatment of my migraines. He is compassionate and always willing to discuss different treatment options when the need arises. I feel that I am in good hands. Dr Landfield properly diagnosed and treated my carpal tunnel syndrome. Unfortunately I did end up having to have surgery but the relief I’m experiencing now has been fantastic. I prefer a private medical practice over the assembly line patient treatment I seem to get at some of the larger hospitals and clinics around Lexington.”

“Being a retired physician its hard to find the same care that I once provided but I can say that Kentucky Neurology and Rehab have exceeded my patient care expectations.”

“I’m a plumber and so needless to say I’ve been turning a lot of wrenches over the years. I was having some issues in my wrist and forearm due to the repetitive motions. Dr Landfield and staff put together a rehab and preventative maintenance plan that has really helped. Hopefully I can avoid surgery in the future thanks to Dr Landfield. They provide testing and treatment for an array of neurological disorders. Their clinic provides state-of-the-art testing and treatment options to diagnose and treat your condition. Their goal is to get proper diagnosis of your condition and tailor a treatment plan to address your specific needs.


Kentucky Neurology & Rehab

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