Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center – Kansas City

6650 W 110th St, Overland Park, KS 66211



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Using the safest source of stem cells ” your own ” to accelerate healing so you can live the life you love. They are devoted to the science of stem cell therapy using your own stem cells to treat inflammatory and degenerative conditions. can bring, and founded KRMC to enable people to get back to the lives they love, to advance the science of stem cell therapy, and to improve access to ethical care. and always adhere to the highest ethical standards. We are proud to follow the standards set by Institutional Review Board Approved Research Network. They’re based in Kansas City and Manhattan, Kansas, to provide easy, discreet access to our services. Our outpatient services use your own naturally occurring stem cells, and can begin enhancing your body’s natural healing processes immediately. Their staff is committed to the goal of enhancing the lives of professional athletes as well as those with a wide variety of conditions, including: Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center has offices in Kansas City and Manhattan, Kansas and was born from the life changing experience of its founders, John Farley and Ken Woods, both of whom have successfully received stem cell therapy.

Kansas Regenerative Medicine Center - Kansas City

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