How safe are allogeneic stem cells?

Allogeneic stem cells are comparable to blood donations. When a healthy person donates blood that is beneficial to another person, nobody is harmed. Science has advanced so much that we can now use stem cells from another person from the best source possible. After a full screening when both mother and newborn are healthy and well, medical teams use stem cells from the umbilical cord and/or the placenta. In the past these biological materials were discarded. However, we now know they are the miracle of life beyond the mother and her baby. Allogeneic stem cells are more abundant from this source than anywhere else and in its most authentic form. Scientists have tested these cells in numerous clinical trials without any adverse effects. Dr. Arnold Caplan called these cells mesenchymal stem cells (MSC’s). We can also call them mesenchymal signaling cells because of the role they play in signaling the immune system to operate at its optimal level against medical conditions and other ailments that the body does not need. Allogeneic stem cells are at times combined with a patient’s own cells, autologous stem cells, in order to enhance the quality and outcome for the patient. There is more and more evidence that we will present on this topic and we will continue to add further details. Please watch our video to learn more about allogeneic stem cells.
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