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Charlotte Stem Cell has helped countless patients reclaim their freedom to live a pain-free life, and they can help you too! It’s normal to have questions about stem cell therapy, and they want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible before committing to a new treatment. Stem cell therapy is risk-free and has no adverse side effects, but it isn’t right for every patient.

Though it might sound like something from the future, stem cell therapy is the greatest health breakthrough of our time. When it comes to regenerative health, the future is NOW. Charlotte Stem Cell is the leading stem cell treatment center in Charlotte, North Carolina. They focus on patient care, providing lasting relief from chronic pain and conditions. You do not need a complicated surgery or harsh medication! Stem cell therapy delivers lasting results with a quick, painless procedure! When Dr. Darcey Ladner was in college, she was thrown from her horse during an equine competition. After being diagnosed with a herniated disc, she thought she wouldn’t be able to walk without major surgery. Natural medicine changed her life and showed her the power of advanced treatment. Now, with more than 15 years of experience, she helps others live pain-free lives through progressive medicine and restorative healthcare. Dr. Ladner loves to celebrate her patients success everyday!

Indeed, your entire body is built of cells, including stem cells. These cells are the first stage of cells that haven’t been specialized. They can divide and multiply healthy tissue, cartilage, and more. They divide quickly, healing your body from the inside out. These building-block cells are injected into affected areas of the body through a simple, painless procedure. From there, they continue to multiple until they’ve repaired the affected area, leading to lasting pain relief.

Crystal Reeves was an athlete while in school until she experienced medical complications. She had two severe ankle injuries, bulging discs in her lower back, and arthritis. When her specialist recommended injections for her back pain, she knew there had to be a better way. She was reluctant to give up her adventurous side by resigning herself to a lifetime of medications and ineffective treatment. She found her solution in stem cell regenerative therapy. Within days of her regenerative treatment, she felt a world of a difference.

When Ed Danner started hearing a clicking sound, he knew it was because of an injury he received ten years earlier during his freshman year of college. With surgery looming on the horizon, Ed was looking for a better solution. In an attempt to postpone the replacement surgery, even a little bit, he opted for stem cell injections. Within a matter of hours, Ed was experiencing unexpected relief in his shoulder. He ended up canceling the surgery altogether because he felt so much better after the stem cell treatment. Dan couldn’t move his shoulder or neck without pain after suffering from sports-related injuries. He thought his only option was surgery until he discovered stem cell therapy. Within two days of treatment, he felt immense relief. Dan no longer needs surgery or complicated medication to feel like himself. Now, he feels better than he has in a decade. He can’t wait to return to the sports and competitions he thought he had to leave behind for good!

You don’t have to live your life with chronic pain. Contact Charlotte Stem Cell to explore if stem cell therapy is right for you.


Charlotte Stem Cell

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